2.0 TURBO JL Impressions

by revelator-jl

Now that the JL has around 2500 miles on it, I thought it was time to do a little review but also show what this 4 cylinder turbo is capable of!

The 2.0 turbo is considered a "Mild Hybrid" meaning it does not have an alternator, but a generator in its place. Powering that generator is a 48 volt ba...

2020 Jeep Gladiator: A Sneak Peek


For years Jeep has been teasing us with the possibility of a diesel powered Wrangler based pickup truck. The earliest was the Gladiator Concept at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show.

With the release of the JL, Jeep also confirmed that they were in fact working on a truck to be released as a 2019 or 2020...

Jeep Tip: Sway Bars and Disconnects

by sergeantcrush

A Jeep sway bar (sometimes called an anti-roll bar or anti-sway bar) is a crucial part on the vehicle's suspension that helps eliminate sway - or more precisely helps prevent leaning (rolling) from one side to the other.

When the Jeep begins to lean, the sway bar applies force to the suspension o...

Behind the Wheel of SlatedJKU


We're always curious about what drives and motives someone to build a Jeep in their own style. We get behind the wheel with SlatedJKU for an interview to see what drives this build!

What led you to Jeeps?

So I have had a few Jeeps but always tried to do things on a budget because I had 3 kids. Y...

Jeep Tip: The Build Itself.

by @sergeantcrush

If I had to pick a single thing I get asked about more than anything, it’s where to start.

Obviously, a lot of this is budget dependent and budgets change over time but at its core it boils down to one thing....planning. Get an idea of what your “dream Jeep” would be for your use case and start m...