Featured Build: JLRubiTron

This week we take a look at Todd Holzwarth’s build JLRubiTron and get a glimpse of building a rig that went from rocks to the SEMA showroom floor!

BobalinaJolie's REVKIT Road to Jeep Quest And Expo: Part 1

by BobalinaJolie
Powered By Ripp Superchargers With Yokohoma Tires, Free Spirit Recreation and Engel Coolers

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #014

by Jeepin' Bros
What’s up guys. Today we’re recording from Mason Texas after we got done at the Crawl Magazine Readers Ride at Wolf Caves. We have with us Tim Cromer from BF Goodrich, Goose (last name redacted) from Pac Racing Springs...

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #013

by Jeepin' Bros
This week we figure out why Bob just moved out of our apartment in Savannah, we set the age restrictions for listening to our Podcast and I tell my favorite story from my days UBERing with Crawler in Fayetteville North Carolina!

Top 5: Big Tire Shootout

37’s are the new 35’s, 40’s are the new 37’s, and 42's and larger are the new 40’s, right? This week we take a look at some of our favorite Jeeps with BIG tires.

Featured Build: MojitoJLRubicon

This week we sit down and chat with James Anderson who owns MojitoJLRubicon! Take a look at what got him into his first Jeep.

Caleb's Take on the iDrive

by Caleb Forbes
If you have a 2007 or newer Jeep, you have probably noticed one of the most annoying drawbacks of a fly-by-wire throttle. Throttle lag happens when the gas pedal is pushed down, but the signal sent to the ECU is inherently delayed which also...

Top 5 V8 Jeeps on REVKIT

For some, an inline 6 or v6 is enough. For others, it's not even close. This week we take a look at some awesome builds that are rocking 8 cylinders!

UOR Nashville Show n' Shine Winners

Check out the winners of the Unlimited Off-Road Show Nashville Show n' Shine contest!

Featured Build: NightmareJK

This week we chat with Dakota Moore who is definitely not a cop, runs Beat Not Babied, and gets first-hand experience on what it was like to be a part-time TV personality with the famous NightmareJK on History Channel's Truck Night In America.