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A 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport 4D build by Jaxon Rasch

Well.. there’s been lots of owners so It’s all a big mystery. Hopefully she’s here to stay. Great example of how temporary fixes become permanent ones. My dream is to slowly turn this dumpster fire on wheels into a purpose built crawler. Enjoy all the ghetto stuff it’s got

1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport 4D

Build Details


  • Custom oil catch can made from a lotion bottle
  • Rebuilt 4.0L
  • Bigger electric fan
  • A/C uhhh “Delete”


  • Hot air intake


  • Cherry bomb muffler
  • Some assortment of pipes
  • sketchy brackets
  • Cracked manifold.. for the deep rumble


  • Hp Dana 30
  • Chrysler 8.25
  • Front sounds like a lunchbox but doesn’t have one
  • A very “happy” 231 case


  • Yeah it does break often

wheels & tires

  • 33” Achilles
  • 15” rims painted a nice rattlecan black
  • Missing a lug for weight reduction


  • Some sorta shocks probably rough country tbh
  • 4.5” lift thats now a 2.5”
  • Rotted out bump stops


  • Typical xj LED headlights wired into the cigarette lighter
  • A light bar from some off brand company
  • eBay Rocklights
  • Completely spray painted over 3rd brake light


  • A earlier xj grill and front fenders
  • trimmed fenders by using my eyechronometer
  • Cut front bumper for bonus points
  • Been about 5 different colors but it’s a nice rattle can black with unique drip marks currently
  • Household vents as hood louvers
  • Speed holes drilled into all the door handles for additional horsepower


  • Silver spray painted golf ball for transfer case shifter
  • 100% genuine leather eBay shift knob
  • Switches absolutely everywhere no idea what half them do
  • Bailing wire wrapped around the door handle to open it
  • The Darkest tint I’ve ever seen. impossible to see lights behind you *Gangster*
  • Bluetooth stereo that I’m locked out of
  • 3 rolling windows
  • Stickers all over to compensate for lack of power


  • Constant clunks and new sounds to keep you alert
  • Arrow antenna for the intimidation factor
  • Loose driver’s side mirror that shakes violently even on the smoothest of roads
  • No tow points for motivation
  • A tool box I’m scared to drive without
  • Many spare parts. Cause if you have the part you won’t need it
  • Currently building some 1 tons I got for cheap cheap. Like scary cheap so it’ll be interesting. Front is a f350 Dana 60 with spider eggs galore. Rear is a full float GM 14 bolt with solid diff fluid that smells amazing.

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