A 2016 Jeep Wrangler Jk Unlimited Willy S build by @ThunderKat08

I've always loved jeeps. In 2007 I traded my 1998 TJ and it was one of my biggest regrets. In 2015 I knew I'd gone long enough without a jeep and began my search for a JKU. The price was shocking. It took all summer and fall, but I saved enough money to buy a special ordered 2016. I planned to order white, but when I went to place the down payment on the order there happened to be a hydro blue on the lot and that was all it took for the "white" to go out the window! I've loved my Hydro Blue JKU every day since! I ordered a Willy's largely because I had zero intentions of modifying my jeep. We all see how well that went. I've since been sponsored for a SEMA build and have been experiencing the opportunity I could only wish for! This build is for me. It's to challenge and teach myself, but also to show others that you don't have to know the off-road and automotive world from a young age, you can jump in anytime you want and start learning! The name "ThunderKat" comes from the 2 nicknames my parents call me. "ThunderFoot" from my Dad and "Kitten" from my Mom

2016 Jeep Wrangler Jk Unlimited Willy S

Build Details



  • aFe Power Momentum GT Sealed Stage 2 Si PRO 5R Air Intake System


  • aFe Power Rebel Series Axle-Back Exhaust System


  • Dana 44 Rear Axle
  • Dana 30 Front Axle... we aight!
  • Poison Spyder Diff Covers
  • AuburnGear 4.88s
  • AuburnGear Ected E-Lockers
  • 1350 Extreme Duty Adams Front Driveshaft
  • 1350 Extreme Duty Adams Rear Driveshaft


  • Power Stop

wheels & tires

  • 37" Toyo Open Country AT
  • 17" Black Rhino Garrison Bead Locks


  • Teraflex 6" Long Arm Alpine CT6 Suspension System
  • Falcon Series 3.1 shocks
  • Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 fast Adjust Steering Stabilizer
  • Teraflex drag link flip kit
  • TeraFlex high tie rod kit
  • Tera flex Speed bump stop kit
  • Teraflex HD forged adjustable rear track bar


  • HID Projector 7" Custom Headlights
  • Rugged Ridge Square Fog Lights
  • Rugged Ridge rear bumper mount LED Cubes
  • XPrite Rock Lights
  • JW Speaker Tail Lights see it


  • DV8 RS-14 Rear Bumper
  • DV8 FS-24 Front Bumper
  • Bushwacker Aluminum Flat Fenders
  • SkullKrushers Custom Inner Fenders
  • SkullKrusher Custome Rear Inner Fenders
  • SkullKrushers Custom Fuel Tank Cover
  • TeraFlex HD spare tire carrier
  • Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers see it
  • DV8 Heat Dispersion Vented Hood see it
  • JKS lisence plate relation bracket
  • TeraFlex License Plate Delete Badge Kit


  • Alea Leather Custom Leather Seats
  • OTRATTW Custom Switch Panel
  • Carolina Metal Masters Knuckle Front Grab Bars
  • Carolina Metal Masters Knuckle Rear Grab Bars
  • Ram Mount Phone Mount
  • Imported German Shepherd Hair
  • Kenwood Excelon DDX8905S Head Unit
  • CDT 6" Front Speakers
  • Aftermarket Heated Seats
  • Remote Start


Give your Wrangler JK our trail tested and competition proven drive shafts.

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