throttle down

A 1993 Nissan 240sx build by @throttle_down

First bought this car maybe 6-7 years ago only because I was interested in drifting and wanted to own one. Fast forward to now and this is my first pro-am build! For anyone that would like to follow my drifting they can on Instagram at "@throttle_down" and on Facebook at "Justin Bauer Motorsports"!

1993 Nissan 240sx

Build Details


  • 2002 LQ4 6.0
  • LS6 intake manifold
  • LS1 accessories
  • Canton oil pan


  • K&N cold air intake


  • Hooker headers
  • Oval exhaust tubing


  • GTO T56 6 speed transmission
  • Ace Racing twin disc clutch
  • Driveshaftshop drive shaft


  • Z32 brake upgrade
  • ASD Hydro E-brake

wheels & tires

  • Cosmis xt206r 18x9.5
  • Zenna RDM 265/35r18


  • HSD 2-way adjustable coilovers
  • Whiteline swaybars
  • ISR adjustable arms (front & rear)


  • S14 Kouki front clip
  • Origin type III fenders
  • Origin style rear overfenders
  • ATL 10gal fuel cell


  • Sparco sprint bucket seat
  • Sparco 4-point harness
  • FD spec cage
  • Driven steering wheel

With 20% tougher sidewalls and longer tread this tire will get you where you want to go.

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