A 1993 Jeep Cherokee Xj Sport build by @spruce_goose_xj

Its a 1993 Jeep Cherokee 2 door Sport known as "Spruce Goose." She started stock with some rust and 2 wheel drive. Originally a budget style build almost 6 years ago with a 4 wheel drive swap and 31s. A lot of mods and a few axles later this is what she is now. Daily driver and built to wheel without issue. Function over form but then function takes its own form. Still have items to check off, mods to do, and upgrades to come. There's been a lot of broke parts. A lot of sleepless night. and plenty of blood, sweat, and some tears. but this is what I do for a living. Wouldn't change it

1993 Jeep Cherokee Xj Sport

Build Details


  • 4.0 Inline 6
  • Built head, ported, polished, decked, 5 angle valve machining, New valves, New seals, and new springs.
  • 1995 Jeep XJ Automatic PCM with a jet chip for improved timing
  • 4 hole injectors from K-suspension
  • Trimmed Harness.
  • All new gaskets and seals.


  • DIY cowl snorkel of my design
  • High flow Spectre cone filter


  • Flow Master Super44
  • 2.5" straight pipe
  • 2" turn down before the axle


  • Built 231-J Transfer Case. Upgraded chain. Advance Adapters Short SYE.
  • Rear Drive shaft is quarter wall DOM with 1 ton 1.5" spline shaft
  • Upgraded 1310 u-joints
  • 6 Lug 1984 Grand Wagoneer D44s front and rear
  • Yukon 4.88s front and rear
  • Artec Front Truss and OA track bar bracket
  • Artec Lower Control arm mounts.
  • TNT full rear Truss
  • ARB Air locker rear
  • Revolution 3/8 armored diff cover
  • 30 spline chromoly shafts rear
  • Detroit front locker with Yukon Hardcore front locking hubs
  • 30 spline inners and outers with Super joints
  • Bottom Half armored diff cage


  • Factory Wagoneer front disk brakes with upgraded pads
  • Ford 8.8 Rear disk brakes drilled to 6 on 5.5 with 8.8 parking brakes
  • 7" lift extended brake lines front and rear with upper rear bracket

wheels & tires

  • 37-13.5s Maxxis Trepadors. TL30027200 Bias.
  • 17" Procomp Vapor 2 true 32 bolt beadlocks held on by 4.5" spiked lug nuts


  • Metal Cloak 5.5" coils for a Jeep JKU with ZJ isolators
  • Rustys RX9 Single reservoir front shocks
  • Old Rustys Radius long arms with Transfer Case skid
  • Rustys 6.5" rear leafs with 6 inch shackles
  • Rustys RX8 rear shocks
  • Ironman4x4fab leaf spring stretch kit to reinforce the forward leaf mounts
  • Ruff Stuff Anti wrap leaf spring perches, top plates, and LCA mounts


  • Custome DIY Headlights of my design.
  • Rustys Off-Road LED tail light box with Red and Amber LEDs.
  • Front and Rear white LED strobes for road side and recorvery
  • Custom rock light set up for no shadows and full coverage (27 led lights)
  • Rigid Industies Amber and Red Chase lights in the rear.
  • A pillar Flood led pods for spotter lights
  • tripple Amber LED pods on the winch fairlead


  • Custom front stinger bumper with supports and winch mount
  • Custom 2x6 quarter wall box sliders replacing my rockers, with 1.25" rub rail and custom laser cut plates
  • Custom lower fender, lower door, and lower rear quarter armor with cut outs
  • 2 door rear quarter armor with rub rail from DBMetalworx
  • Custom rear bumper with 2" receiver and flush mount pods
  • Custom buggy style rear stinger spare tire carrier that folds down
  • Center section and rear subframe stiffeners with slider tie ins
  • Affordable Offroad fuel tank armored skid
  • Steering box brace
  • 1998 Front grill and fender swap with lights
  • Hood louver panels from Rodlouvers.com
  • Trail Logic Industries Heim joint steering and track bar
  • XO-FAB DIY Hybrid Cage with high jack and ax mounts. (more to come)
  • Hoonigan Offrroad door hinge supports.
  • 96 back hatch
  • Bleepinjeep hood pins
  • 99 door mirrors


  • XRC racing seats
  • Teraflex hand throttle
  • CB mounted on the roof
  • Baofeng UV-5RTP Radio (UFH, GMSR, FMSR, MURS, Ham, NOAA)
  • Sticker bombed roof instead of head liner.
  • Mechanical water temp gauge
  • Custom Ammo can storage for tool, cargo, and gear
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Solar panel
  • Full recover pack(straps, shackles, snatch blocks)
  • NRG Innovations Quick release hub adapter and steering wheel
  • Orange PRP 5.3 five point harnesses
  • 1988 Jeep Cherokee Center console


  • Smitty Bilt XRC 9500 steel cable winch
  • Factor 55 Flat link E (one black one orange)
  • Full UpDown on board tire inflate and deflate kit. (First Cherokee in the country with that system or similar)
  • Custom winch warning label (**DO NOT STICK D@#$ IN WINCH**) LOL!!!
  • AX 15 Trans with spiral cut reverse gear
  • Novak Cable Shifter for the transfer case
  • Modified 8.8 parking brake cables
  • JKU exhaust heat shield
  • 22 Gallon fuel tank with upgraded pump and fuel filter
  • New OE 2 row Radiator with upgraded clutch fan.
  • Rugged Radios Headset and Mic

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