A 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon 4dr 4x4 build by @mark_c_in_az

I purpose bought/built this rig to hit major bucket list items such as the Rubicon Trail, and Moab. It got it's name from the screaming noise of the stock rubicon armor sliding over the boulders on the Rubicon Trail

2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon 4dr 4x4

Build Details



  • Cut off exhaust tip. :)


  • Regeared to 5:13
  • Various Artec skids
  • Rancho and Nth Degree Diff skids
  • Dana and Nth Degree Diff covers
  • Extended locker lines


  • Rerouted stock brake lines
  • Aftermarket stock replacements

wheels & tires

  • 37" x12.5x17 Cooper STT Pros
  • XD 17" wheels
  • 4.5" BS
  • Desert Machette Beadlocks on next tire change


  • RK 3.5" front lift, with 3.5" Evo plush springs
  • Falcon 3.3 Shocks (do not recommend)
  • Falcon Stabilizer (single sheer and hangs too low. Do not recommend)
  • RPM 2.5T aluminum steering
  • RPM Sway bar links
  • Synergy Rear offset sway bar links
  • 2.5" front teraflex bump stop.



  • ORD rear bumper with basket, Dual 5gal fuel tanks, hi-lift jack, and ham mount
  • Road Armor mid front bumper, with truckbed liner
  • Rock Hard aluminum armor
  • JCR classic sliders
  • American Adventure Lab inner fenders


  • Various soft pouches
  • Co2 tank with various attachments.
  • Gibson Leather holster
  • 67 Designs dash mount
  • Carolina Metal Mashers bracketry
  • Hot Heads inserts (do not recommend)
  • Molle Platform inserts
  • Power Tank Bar mount and bracketry used to mount smitybuilt compressor


We build and the strongest axle parts in the industry.

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