A 2009 Jeep Wrangler JKU Sahara 4dr 4x4 build by Brian Kasky

This was bought 2 years ago with a RE 3.5 kit and 33s. It was driven and wheeled with that setup until September 2019 when I decided to tear it down to do gears. that turned into suspension, which turned into steering, which turned into a new front housing, and that turned into armor, and so on. It in finally getting back out of the garage August 2020. Looking forward to getting back on trails and keep pushing its limits

2009 Jeep Wrangler JKU Sahara 4dr 4x4

Build Details


  • 3.8L


  • Amazon special


  • muffler delete with single chamber.


  • Front- Carbon 44 with 5.38 gears elocker and carbon shafts
  • Rear- oem housing with carbon 5.38 gears and shafts with a Barns truss and track bar bracket motobilt cover and metalcloak coil retainers
  • Tom woods 1310 shafts front and rear


  • powerstop pads and rotors

wheels & tires

  • KMC Grenade Crawl 17x9
  • 38x13.50/17 milestar pats


  • 4.5 Metalcloak Gamechanger
  • DB3 brackets
  • Rocksports
  • barns 1 ton steering
  • Rockjock Antirock
  • Rancho highsteer knuckles


  • Amazon special 50" light bar in the front and 20" in the rear
  • high beam off road headlights


  • VKS shorty 2 front bumper
  • Barns Slider steps
  • westin snyper fenders


  • Stock
  • MLC-6 switch Pod

The LP9 Series LED lights have some of the most advanced LED technologies available!

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