A 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU Sahara 4dr 4x4 build by Krysten Brents

My very first Jeep was a 2008 Jeep SRT8! I love drag racing and so the SRT8 has always been my dream vehicle! After I got my SRT8, I kept driving by this dealership that had a ton of lifted Wranglers! I would always stop by and look at them, but always said I’d never own a V6. Well, I stopped in and looked at the one I own today, and ended up trading off my Mustang for the Wrangler. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Sure it’s a V6, but I’ve loved every minute of owning my JKU since the day I drove it home. I’ve slowly turned it into something I love to drive and look at all of the time! It also is what lead me to my now fiancé. We were in the same Jeep club and things just were meant to be. We love to wheel together and do all things Jeep together. We share the same passion and love for Jeeps, and that is an amazing bond! Shameless is my 2015 JKU and my fiancé is the owner of 2013 JKUR Greengo. And our kids LOVE riding with the top and doors off!

2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU Sahara 4dr 4x4

Build Details


  • 3.6L V6

wheels & tires

  • 37” Toyo Open Country MT
  • 17” KMC Mechete
  • Powder Coated Rock Ring by Cox Fabrication



  • Smittybilt XRC Armor see it
  • ACE Engineering Front Bumper
  • ACE Engineering Rear Bumper
  • ACE Stand Alone Tire Carrier
  • Fox Steering Stabilizer
  • Smittybilt Cargo Net
  • Alienshade
  • Smittybilt 9500lb Winch
  • JCR Offroad Inner Fenders see it
  • Synergy Draglink
  • Rubicon Express Quick Disconnects
  • ACE POD Mounts


  • Neoprene Seat Covers
  • Carolina Metal Masters Grab Handles


  • Hornblaster Train Horn
  • Vinyl Work by Bomb Designz
  • All Custom Powder Done By Cox Fabrication

With our coil packs you can give your Jeep an extra 10-20hp and not break the bank!

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