Resurgence the JL

A 2020 Jeep Wrangler Sahara build by @jeepheraddict

Proof that even in hard times, the comeback is better than the set back. Follow us as we travel and put the Jeep to the ultimate test while meeting new people and exploring the US!

2020 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Build Details


  • 2.0l t etorque engine
  • Ultimate 9 throttle control


  • Elite fusion 4x4 kingpin 60
  • GM 14 bolt
  • Adams driveshafts 1350 front
  • Adams driveshafts 1410 rear
  • Yukon gear 5.38
  • Arb front Dana 60 locker
  • Arb rear gm 14 bolt locker
  • Fusion 4x4 2.5 ton steering
  • PSC power steering cooler

wheels & tires

  • Raceline monster Beadlocks 8x6.5
  • Mickey thompson Baja boss 40”


  • Rock Krawler x factor 3 link long arm
  • Rock Krawler 2.625 coilover front
  • Rock Krawler 2.25 RRD rear shocks
  • King bump stop
  • Rock krawler 4.5” coil spring rear
  • Artec industries rear 3 link truss kit



  • Genright ultra clearance front bumper
  • Genright Rear bumper with Tow Points
  • Genright front fender deletes
  • Genright rear fender deletes
  • GenRight steel sliders
  • GenRight rear tire delete
  • Aerolidz lightbar cover
  • Warn winch evo 10s
  • Rock slide Engineering light bar pillars



We build the strongest axle parts in the industry.

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