Purple Haze JK

A 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Sport 2dr 4x4 build by @purplehazejk

I’ve always been a lover of jeeps but couldn’t afford one until I got my first full time job. I had a 2 door Hyundai Genesis and loved it but it wasn’t enough for me. I needed the power of 4x4 and needed a big bad ass ride. I went to several dealerships in my area but felt like the prices were too steep for what I was looking for (base model 2 door). Me and my boyfriend were in Niagara Falls for a weekend and we were looking at dealerships along the way. We finally found a dealership in Mississauga that seemed like it was reasonable and they had a lot in stock. We found a used Jeep with all of the upgrades that I was looking to get, so we expressed interest in that one. We stopped at the dealership on the way home and they had sold that Jeep while we were on our way. We ended up settling on a brand new 2 door white JK and the rest is history

2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Sport 2dr 4x4

Build Details


  • 3.6L V6


  • 4x4

wheels & tires

  • 35 inch Ginell Mud Terrains with 17 inch Pro Comp Wheels


  • Pro comp 4 inch lift kit


  • XK Glow headlights
  • XK glow rock lights
  • XK Glow Lightbar



  • NW seat covers
  • Shape shifters shift boot


  • Satin Purple Metallic Avery Dennison Wrap

The LP9 Series LED lights have some of the most advanced LED technologies available!

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