A 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon 2dr 4x4 build by @riverrat0341

2012 Rubi built by me, for Rocks!

2012 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon 2dr 4x4

Build Details


  • ARB Oil Pan Skid
  • Ticking 3.6L


  • Dynamax Muffler
  • Custom Pre-Axle Dump


  • Sleeved, Gusseted, (RSE) & Trussed (Artec) Front Axle
  • Front Weld-On Track Bar Bracket
  • Trussed Rear Axle (Artec)
  • Poison Spyder Diff Covers

wheels & tires

  • Procomp MT2 37s
  • Spyderlock 17"


  • Teraflex Springs (for 3" lift - LCG build)
  • Fox 2.0 Resis (for 6" lift - LCG build)
  • Lowered front shock mounts, raised (Synergy relocation) rear shocks for LCG build
  • Synergy Adj Control Arms x8
  • Synergy Adj Track Bars (Front & Rear)
  • Synergy Adj Drag Link
  • Synergy Adj Tie Rod
  • Synergy Ball Joints
  • DV8 Bump Stops Front & Rear
  • Synergy Upper track bar bracket & Section Shaft Bracket


  • Custom Off-road Lights
  • Custom Fog Lights
  • Custom Rock Lights
  • Custom Back Up lights
  • Custom rear / brake lights w/ anti-flicker
  • Custom Front LED w/ anti-flicker


  • Smittybilt H2O Winch
  • Custom Stinger Front bumper
  • Custom tire carrier rear bumper
  • Poison Spyder Fenders (Inner & Outer)


  • Rock Hard Roll Cage
  • Alpine I-209 Restyle Kit with Acc Controller
  • 4 Alpine Camera Set-Up
  • LCD Touch-screen rear view mirror with forward & back up cameras
  • Corbeau Seats
  • Corbeau Harnesses
  • Rock Hard Harness Bar
  • Dual Via-Air Compressor in trunk space


  • Uniden CB
  • 6 Switch Rocker Panel w/ Relay Box
  • Dual Battery Set-up (Odyssey batteries)
  • 3K Watt Inverter mounted to Tail gate
  • Patriot Hi-lift custom mounted to tire carrier
  • Custom Medical Air Tanks mounted in OE muffler location
  • White Jeep Shift Knobs

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