Project Avocado

A 2007 Jeep Wrangler Jk X build by @djegolfpro

Project Avocado is a work of art, it’s being built and tested before it’s out on the promise and a dream vacation full of trails and breath taking sights. MOAB we’re coming for you!! Thank you too all my great friends that have put there time in and helping build my JK. Especially to Karnage Motorsports for guiding me on projects that I can’t do and expertise on finishing what needs to be done

2007 Jeep Wrangler Jk X

Build Details




  • Magnaflow Glasspack


  • Front Rubicon 44 axle
  • RCV axle shafts
  • Artec Industries Truss kit
  • Synergy Tie Rod, Drag Link, adjustable track bar, and ball joints
  • E-Locker
  • Yukon Ring/Pinion 5.13s Gear Ratio
  • Rear Non Rubicon 44
  • G2 chromoly axle shafts
  • Yukon Grizzly Locker and Ring/Pinion 5.13 Gear ratio
  • Rock Krawler truss for 3 link suspension
  • Red neck Ram hydro steering soon to be installed


  • Powerstop

wheels & tires


  • Front 3.5" Rock Krawler suspension with Bilstein Shocks
  • Front Rock Krawler 3 link Suspension long arm
  • Rear Rock Krawler 3 link 8" Stretch
  • Rear 12 Fox Coilovers
  • Soon to come front 12 Fox coilovers



  • Genright Front bumper (Aluminum)
  • Genright Rock Sliders (Aluminum)
  • Genright Front fenders (Aluminum)
  • Genright Tire Carrier (Aluminum)
  • Genright Rear Bumper (Aluminum)
  • TNT Customs Rear stretches corners (Aluminum)


  • Rock Hard 4x4 Front sport cage
  • Cobra cab radio
  • Pioneer double din
  • Pioneer soeaker
  • Kicker Marine pod speakers
  • Kendwood 12inch subwoofer
  • Pioneer amplifier
  • Drake off-road aluminum shift knob and 4x4 knob


We build and the strongest axle parts in the industry.

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