A 2005 Jeep Wrangler Tj build by @JPerks87

I have been building this Jeep since I bought it to daily drive in 2007. My dad and I have build it ourselves and learned a lot along the way. Shoutout to GenRight Offroad, Raceline Wheels, and EmWestMotorSports

2005 Jeep Wrangler Tj

Build Details


  • Stock 4.0


  • Magnaflow Muffler that ends after belly up.


  • Front: Custom Crawlking D60 with an ARB locker built by EmWestMotorsports
  • Rear: Custom Crwalking HP D60


  • Wilwood Brakes all the way around

wheels & tires

  • 40" Maxxis Trepador Stickes
  • 17" Raceline Monster Beadlock


  • Custom built 3 link up front with a 7" stretch
  • Custom built 4 link in the rear with a 6" stretch
  • 12 inch King 2.0 with res coilovers on all frou corners


  • Maxbilt Offroad Front Headlights
  • Maxbilt Offroad trail tails rear LED tail Lights
  • Rear Race Light Bar from Rear Light Bar


  • Genright Offroad Front bumper
  • Genright Offroad front hi-fenders, aluminum with 4 inch flare
  • Genright Offroad aluminum inner fenders
  • Genright Offroad rock sliders with step
  • Genright Offroad aluminum corners. Ordered as blanks and cut for stretch and tires
  • Genright Offroad 4 inch aluminum flare on rear fenders
  • Genright Offroad aluminum Tire carrier
  • Genright Offroad hi fender flak-jack tub panel guards aluminum


  • Mastercraft Seats
  • PRP Harnesses
  • GenRight Offroad Full Cage
  • Custom SpiderWebShade
  • Rugged Radios dual band radio
  • Raphael ninja turtle keychain
  • Proclip USA and Oliv Mount


  • Full PSC Steering hydro system
  • PEM Driveshafts front and rear
  • One of a kind suspension system stretch
  • Factor 55 Prolink see it

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