A 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Limited 4WD 4dr 4x4 build by @jeepers_sleeper

My uncle bought this Jeep brand new from the dealership, I ended up buying it a couple family members down the road, never built a 4x4 before, and I wanted something that expressed me, so I’ve built this WJ to my personal preference and to also be just as functional Offroad as it is on the highway, I would be willing to bet I have over or close to 300hp, new motor mounts put torque straight to the ground helps with all the power and upgrades I’ve done

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Limited 4WD 4dr 4x4

Build Details


  • Superchips flashpak f5
  • Performance distributors sultans of spark coil packs
  • Autolite platinum spark plugs
  • Motorad 180 degree thermostat
  • Ironman4x4fab performance motor mounts


  • Off brand cold air intake
  • Upr big mouth air filter
  • 1” Dakota throttle body spacer


  • Third catalytic converter Deleted
  • Muffler deleted
  • 3.5in stainless steel tip


  • Dana 30 HD differential cover
  • Ironman4x4fab Dana 44a differential cover
  • Goliath Offroad transfer case skid plate
  • Hayden high performance transmission cooler
  • Rough country dual steering stabilizer


  • Front and back carbon ceramic brake pads
  • Red front and rear brake calipers

wheels & tires

  • 275/65r20 Radar renegade RT+
  • 2016 Grand Cherokee Limited 20x8” wheels


  • Iron rock offroad 3” springs front and rear
  • Iron rock offroad rear upper adjustable A-arm
  • Rustys offroad fixed length 3-4.5” lift control arms front and rear
  • Old man emu 10mm front trim spacers
  • Rough country 3/4” spring spacers
  • Rough country front sway bar disconnects
  • Iron rock Offroad adjustable track bar
  • Pro-comp 4” lift shocks
  • Self made 2x3” rectangle tube sway bar frame bracket drop


  • OEM new headlights replaced
  • Smoked LED rear taillights


  • Front and rear bumpers trimmed for tire clearance along with fog lights deleted
  • Self made front tow hooks
  • Quadratec rear reciever D-ring
  • Alpha vinyl hood decals


  • Quadratec front and rear cargo area floor liners
  • Rugged ridge rear floor liner
  • Kenwood cd reciever
  • Rockville 12” powered subwoofer


  • Roof rack deleted

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