Honey Badger

A 2013 Jeep Wrangler Jku Sport build by @nwhoneybadger

The Honey Badger, owned by Erick Miller, was named after the viral videos of one fierce little critter that wouldn't back down from anything that crossed it's path. The Jeep, also black & white and equally as fierce . . . the name seemed fitting. Located in WA state, the Honey Badger has seen all conditions of off-roading, and attends a number of local and national events, including King of the Hammers, Easter Jeep Safari, and SEMA. It is best known as @nwhoneybadger on Instagram with 55K followers and has been featured in a several ads, catalogs, calendars, and booths. It was even used on set during the two hour Season 8 Premiere of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot”. As the company rig for Conquered Trailz, it is dual purpose. . . used both off road and in booths. HB’s owner being an ex-detailer, usually has it clean the minute it hits the pavement. Wrenching and mods are done by Erick and close friends persuaded by beer...the rest, is left to the experts at NorthRidge4x4

2013 Jeep Wrangler Jku Sport

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