Dumpster Dive TJ

A 1997 Jeep Wrangler Tj build by @highbeamoffroad

Dumpster Dive TJ - a custom truck build by John Hendrix/FloBuiltConversions that was later sold to the current owner Matt Loxley of High Beam Offroad. Built from junkyard parts and quality parts, this initial budget build has been wheeling across the country. At Easter Jeep Safari 2018, "Dumpy" was rolled on Pritchett Canyon's "Rockpile" obstacle and is waiting to be rebuilt!

1997 Jeep Wrangler Tj

Build Details


  • 4.0 HO


  • Custom cowl intake


  • Custom exhaust with no cats
  • Flowmaster 40


  • 1983 Ford D60 kingpin: 5.38 Yukon gears
  • 5.38 Yukon gears
  • Yukon air Zip Locker
  • 35 spline inners and outers
  • Crane knuckles
  • Crane high steer arms
  • PSC full hydro kit w/ pump
  • Wide Open Design truss
  • 35 spline Revolution Gear slugs
  • Crane D60 diff cover
  • pre-1988 14 bolt
  • Crane 13 bolt shave cover
  • Yukon spool
  • Wide Open Design 4 link truss and pinion guard


  • 1/2 ton GM brakes on all 4 corners

wheels & tires

  • HD17 17 x 8-1/2" Beadlock Wheel with World Series Ring
  • BFGoodrich 39" KX Red Labels


  • Front 12" Fox Coilovers
  • Rear 14" Fox Coilovers
  • Custom 4 link with aluminum link by Wide Open Design


  • High Beam Offroad Nomad Series Headlights
  • High Beam Offroad White RokPods (6)
  • High Beam Offroad Flush Mount Diffused Amber Pods
  • High Beam Offroad Scene Pods
  • High Beam Offroad RokShots for turn signals and interior lighting
  • OffRoadOnly LiteDot Taillights


  • Rokmen DIY front highline fenders
  • Custom inner fenders
  • Highline hood by Hendrix/FloBuiltConversions
  • Crawltek Revolution Pyro front bumper
  • Custom rear bed built by Level 5 Fabrications


  • PRP Daily Driver Seats
  • Cage by Level 5 Fabrications
  • CrawlTunes bluetooth package
  • Switch-Pros SP9100 switch system x2


  • Factor55 Ultrahook and Rope Guard
  • Super-crappy-winch EXP 12k with synthetic line
  • RCI Rock Crawler fuel cell with the Flop Shop mount
  • Dual battery setup in bed

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