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A 2015 Jeep Wrangler Jk Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock build by @cloaked_k9_jku

I became a new Jeep owner in the final days of 2017. What started as completely stock I made a few modifications (2.5" lift and 35" tires) while my experience and skill level grew. I just completed my first big upgrade which included 4.5" lift and 37" tires. I have pretty much ended up a full Metalcloak build for the most part. I have gotten very passionate about K9s, working dogs specifically and their full service carriers and raising awareness for them. I also have a passion for providing K9 service dogs to our veterans and hope to continue to raise awareness for those causes through my Jeep

2015 Jeep Wrangler Jk Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock

Build Details


  • 3.6L V6 24V VVT Engine


  • Volant Closed Box Air Intake - Powercore


  • Magnaflow 40 Custom relocate


  • 5-Speed Auto W5A580 Transmission
  • Next Gen. Dana 44 HD Front Axle w/ Artec Truss/Gusset and Synergy Sleeve
  • Next Gen. Dana 44 HD Rear Axle
  • Revolution Chromoly Axle Kit Front and Rear
  • Revolution 4.88 Axle Ratio
  • Adams 1350 Driveshaft Front and Rear see it
  • Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect
  • Teraflex HD Dana 30/44 Upper & Lower Ball Joint Kit
  • PSC Big Bore Steering


  • Power Stop K2798-36 Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit
  • Metalcloak extended brake lines
  • Hydraulic Assist Brake Booster

wheels & tires


  • Metalcloak 4.5" Gamechanger with Rocksports
  • Metalcloak chromoly dog-legged tie rod and Drag link flip
  • RockKrawler Adjustable Sway bars
  • Teraflex Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 Fast Adjust Steering Stabilizer
  • Currie Anti-rock rear sway bar
  • AEV ProCal Module


  • 15 Inch LED Light Bar, Wayup 260W Quad Row LED Side Shooter
  • Sunpie RGB LED Rock Lights - 10 Pod Lights
  • Lantsun 7" 35W Round Demon Eye LED Projectors Headlights with Angel Halos
  • Optix 4" 30W Projector Fog Light CREE LED Red Demon
  • All Terrain Concepts Side Shooter Pod Lights


  • Rubicon Hard Rock Package
  • Metalcloak Overline Full System Body Armor
  • Metalcloak Mid-Stinger Front Bumper
  • Metalcloak Full skid-plate system
  • Mopar Steel Rear Bumper
  • ACE Engineering Rear Slantback Tire Carrier
  • HiLift 48" Jack see it
  • Dirty Acres Custom K9/Flag Insert
  • Skullkrushers Custom K9 Inner Fenders
  • Dragula Custom K9 Gas Cap
  • Jeepbackbone Security Enclosure kit
  • RT-TCZ Black Stainless Steel Hood Latch


  • Hi-Lift Jack Roll Cage Mount
  • Apollointech Overhead 6-Switch Pod
  • Opar Grab Bar Front Grab Handle - Red
  • Danti 3pcs Audio Air Conditioning Button Cover Decoration Twist Switch Ring


  • Smittybilt X2O Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch - 12000 lb
  • ARB Onboard Twin high performance air compressor
  • Up down air system

The KM3 is made to mud, built to climb, and created to conquer trails.

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