BMS Offroad F-250

A 2017 Ford F 250 Lariat Ultimate build by @briansmotorsports

A Brian's Motorsports Build

2017 Ford F 250 Lariat Ultimate

Build Details


  • 4" MBRP Catback Exhaust System

wheels & tires

  • 28x16 Grid Forged GF11
  • 42/1550/28 Fury M/T


  • 10"-12" Kelderman Air Ride with Hadley Air Management
  • Dual Fox Steering Stabilizer
  • Custom Built Front Drive-line


  • Rigid Industries/A-Series Rock Lights/12x
  • Oracle/White Wheel Lights/4x
  • VPR/20" Dual Row LED Bar/1x
  • VPR/2" Dual Row Cube Pod/6x


  • VPR PD-168-BH Front Bumper
  • VPR PT-049-BH Rear Bumper
  • Lue AWC Gravel Empire Grille
  • Paint by John Hall
  • Powder Coating by Mr. Speed Coatings
  • Metal Fabrication by Greg Leonard at Neely Precision
  • Royal Hooks
  • Infinite Rule Security Locking Pins
  • 18" Gen-Y 21,000lb Drophitch


  • Alpine/Type-R 8"/4x
  • Alpine/6.5" Comp/4x
  • Alpine Mini Blocks
  • Alpine 4 Channel
  • Kicker/9" Wake Tower Speakers/4x
  • Kicker Amp
  • Audio Control LC8


  • 244 Nightmare Hornblaster Kit

The KM3 is made to mud, built to climb, and created to conquer trails.

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