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Atlanta, GA
735 miles

Big Tymer

A 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sport 2dr 4x4 build by @grubbicon

The first ever tube chassis JL. We did a full build with Wide Open Design and made a one off buggy JL

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sport 2dr  4x4

Build Details



Vehicle Condition

-735 miles and 141 hours since it was built - I can provide a more detailed parts list and more detailed pictures upon request


  • Mild Built 5.3 LS
  • PTC Built Turbo400
  • 3.8:1 2 speed Atlas


  • Custom


  • 2.5” exhaust collecting into 3” with Magniflow muffler w/ Sanderson headers


  • Crane 14 bolt front w/ 40 spline spool
  • Big Bell RCVs
  • 47 spline outer
  • Crane 14bolt rear w/ 30 spline spool
  • Yukon Shafts
  • both axles with 5.13 gears


wheels & tires


  • Double Triangulated 4 front and rear
  • 1.25” Heims with 1” bolts
  • Aluminum control arms
  • 2” Radflo Emulsion Coilovers and 2.5” 3 tube Radflo Bypasses
  • Wide Open Design limiting straps


  • Highbeam offroad drifter series head lights
  • Highbeam offroad 24w rock lights
  • Highbeam offroad ORO tail lights


  • Wide Open Design tube chassis
  • Wide Open Design tag mount
  • Wide Open Design aluminum body armor
  • Wide Open Design roll cage



Give your Wrangler JK our trail tested and competition proven drive shafts.

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