Featured Build: Jeepnamedhavok

This week we chat with Drew Hyman about his build, Havok, and how he makes a living doing what he loves most at Off-Road Mafia.

Featured Build: tn krawler79

This week we take a look at an LJ that is ready to take on anything. From the woodlands of TN to Moab, UT, Chambliss Fewell’s (tn_krawler79) perfect LJ has seen it all.

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #008

by Jeepin' Bros
Today we are joined by John Herrick, the head honcho at Crawl Magazine, Chris Hughes, the editor in chief of Trails Magazine and Justin Kemp as we discuss a little KOH history.

REVKIT on the Rocks

Check out our coverage of the 2019 King Of The Hammers. Our very own Caleb is capturing each boulder climb, rollover and win!

Featured Build: Sulley

This week we chat with our featured build, Sulley (Pete Springett), about his trusty LJ.

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #007

by Jeepin' Bros
Today We have the Editor and Chief of Trails Magazine, Chris Hughes with us and we discuss the cool shit we can’t WAIT to see at King of the Hammers.

2018 Trail to SEMA by Power Stop - Episodes 5 & 6

by Power Stop
In a world full of boundaries, dead ends, and U-turns, where other vehicles see the end of the road, we see the start of an adventure. Check out episodes 5 & 6 of the 2018 Trail to SEMA by Power Stop.

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #006

by Jeepin' Bros
This episode is all about our weekend off from our “work trip” here in Southern California. We took some time to sleep through the Carlsbad Marathon and get breakfast with Colossus JKU.

Legends Of The Loud Pedal - Featured Build: Mr.Karnage

There are some Jeepers who like to go slow, crawl every obstacle with prowess and conquer the hardest line.. Then there’s Will from Karnage Motorsports. This week, we talk with Will, (Mr.Karnage) about his badass two-door JK...

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #005

by Jeepin' Bros
We talk about Bob clearing the proverbial barrel before his girlfriend visits, we discuss King of the Hammers 2019 and if you’ve eaten in the last 30 minutes, you might want to pause the podcast now, because Bob tells us his favorite sexual position.