Top 5 LJ's On REVKIT

LJ’s are becoming harder and harder to find in the wild, and well built LJ’s are almost like unicorns. You think you see one, get really excited and believe they exist and then get let down when the next couple of Jeeps are TJ’s, JK’s and JL’s...

Featured Build: Revelator JL

by Maggie Gulasey | REVKIT
Caleb Forbes has spent several years working in the automotive industry and immersing himself in the Jeep community. Now with REVKIT, Caleb travels the country attending Jeep events with his awesome build, Revelator JL, and doing what he loves most.

Featured Build: The Beast JK

They say that you’re only as good as your weakest link. This week we talk to Mark Eller, The Beast JK owner, who just finished up a new rebuild to make sure there is no weak link in his incredible JK built by Karnage Motorsports!

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #012

by Jeepin' Bros
We have Ross Esposito, the owner of RIPP Superchargers and Dan Hart and Mike Kaplan, the owners of REVKIT. We learn about the humble beginnings of RIPP and why you want a REVKIT for your Jeep.

Featured Build: Jeepin Bubba

This week we want to spotlight something a little different. LJ builds are seeming more and more rare, especially ones that are incredibly well built! Whether you know him as Brad or Bubba, or have seen his Youtube Channel JeepinBubba...

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #011

by Jeepin' Bros
Don’t worry, we have no April Fools jokes in this episode but we are minus one fool...

6 Jeep Concept Gladiators You’ll See at EJS 2019

Ever since we got a glimpse of the newest Jeep Concept Vehicles that will be officially unveiled at EJS 2019, we knew these were something special.

Revelator JL Gets A Makeover

by Revelator JL
The Revelator JL has come a long way from being stock! To get it ready for the Unlimited Off-Road Show in Atlanta, I decided to jump-start the build a little early. Now it sits on 40s, full Rock Krawler suspension, and rocks a Bestop Trektop NX!

Featured Build: That Green Jeep

Life-long automotive enthusiast and talented photographer, John Stokes, broke the internet with his famous build, That Blue Wheelbarrow. When he isn't wrenching on his wheelbarrow, John shifts his focus to his JK, That Green Jeep.

Jeepin' Bros Podcast #010

by Jeepin' Bros
This week we talk about the MINT 400 and how fucking cool that race is and the storied past of it all...