Crawl TV and Their Rise to YouTube Fame.

This week we talk with Jarrett and Grace from Crawl TV and their rise to YouTube Fame!

What Started Crawl TV?

I started making CRAWL TV videos with Grace because she wanted to learn about Jeeps and thought that we should film it if we were going to be doing to work anyways. She and I came up with the name together while walking our dogs.

It actually originally stood for “Crawfords’ Really Awesome Wheeling Life” Haha!

How many Jeeps Have You Had?

I have had a total of 8 Jeeps, if you count the Eagle. If not, I’ve had 7... They were the Eagle, 4 XJs, a JK, a JKU, and a CJ5.

In my entire life, I’ve only ever owned one vehicle that wasn’t a Jeep or almost Jeep, and because I grew up in the boonies,

I’ve never owned a 2wd vehicle. Those are for suckers.


By far, Grace and I had the most fun in Dozer while we were in Moab. The wheeling was incredible. We seriously budget and allot our time off every year to go back.

What Are the future plans for Crawl TV and the JK?

We want to armor it up, drop it on a 3.5” long arm kit, tons and 40s, and make some more Epic wheeling trips, like Ultimate Adventure, wheeling with the Krawlstars, etc... since Florida doesn’t have a lot to offer, we’re going to be getting out and about! We’ll FOR SURE be doing the Powerstop Trail to SEMA 2019 though.

There will be quite a bit of video involved with those plans!

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