A 2014 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon 4dr 4x4 build by @5280_hooligan

This Jeep named RuKizzle started life as a stock jeep and built with the best products available to be able the maintain the advantages of a 4 door jku with a family but also making it an aggressive rock crawler/ buggy. Obviously it's hard to make a multiple purpose vehicle so it lack in some areas but it has been on some of the hardest trails across the USA while hauling the family and all the supplies we need and can still do 65mph down the highway even though it doesn't have the roll very often anymore as we tow it most places. This is the result of my vision to get the most out of one vehicle

2014 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon 4dr 4x4

Build Details


  • 3.6l
  • HPtuners
  • Ultimate 9


  • Factory


  • Custom



  • F350 drilled to 8x6.5
  • JK8 booster

wheels & tires

  • 42x14.50r20 BFG KX Red labels
  • 20" KMC gernade crawls


  • 3 link front and 4 link single triangulation rear
  • Rock Krawler Suspension axle and frame joint
  • RockKrawler Suspension Krawler joints
  • ORI 14" Struts
  • Solid aluminum links bits by The Flop Shop


  • High Beam Offroad drifter headlights
  • Baja Design LP4
  • Baja Design chase RBL
  • High Beam Offroad rock lights
  • Amazon special yail lights




  • Warn
  • Factor55 Recovery

We build the strongest axle parts in the industry.

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